1, 2, 3, Get Ready For Hybrid Kid!

One... Two... Three... I can't believe it! UK indie pop-alt-rock group Hybrid Kid releases another banger single with 1, 2, 3. Hybrid Kid has been pushing out tremendous tunes for quite a few years now, with their first single being released in 2018. This UK band has even performed in the United States!

The bands' seventh single, and eighth release overall, starts off with some upbeat guitar riffs, funky bass, and driving drum beats paving the way for some dope vocals reminiscent of the punk era. A catchy pre-chorus and chorus follows, enticing you to sing along, bang your head, and jam with the band, if you feel like letting it out. You just can't beat it!

Towards the middle of this fantastic track, we are serenaded with a sustaining instrumental bridge full of musical genius. Slowly but surely, things build intensely, leading us to the peak of the song. As the music builds and reaches its finale, accented drums and guitar meld together, releasing all the built up energy for one final hoorah.

If you want to find more superb content from the phenomenal rock group that is Hybrid Kid, you can find them almost anywhere you wish! Listen to their new single, 1, 2, 3 today by checking them out on Spotify.

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