Alex Cottom Releases First Single

2021 is a groundbreaking year for pop artist Alex Cottom as he releases his debut single titled "Lose Ourselves". This track is about reminiscing in times spent with a loved one and is a relatable song that comes through with passion and heart. A breezy guitar riff mixed with light, yet powerful vocals makes this radio friendly melody an instant hit.

Alex Cottom has the ability to bring up fond memories of friends and past lovers and his word painting puts you right in the middle of this tune, making it extremely relatable to everyone. His Lucas Graham like sound and song writing put Cottom in elite company with just one single. Arpeggiating vocals lead the way in strong verses setting up a beautiful chorus that is easy to sing along to, once you learn the words of course.

Alex Cottom is soon to be a force to be reckoned with, creating a huge wave of followers with just his first single, guaranteeing to see even more success with following releases.

You can listen to "Lose Ourselves" on just about any platform and find Alex Cottom on social media below




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