Bad Breed And A Fan Filled Music Video

Bad Breed, a soul-rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario recently released a music video for their track "Not In My Life". This single was originally released not that long ago, in late 2020 and now they're looking to draw even more attention to an already soulful and heartfelt track. The music video is the third video in a string of videos from their 2020 album titled "Ferocious Love".

Dedicated to a dear friend who passed in 2017, the video includes an extremely large cast full of friends and family of the band. Bad Breed wanted people from all walks of life to be in the video. They believe that their song is relatable to people from all walks of life and they wanted to portray that in the music video. People from all races, genders, and lifestyles were contacted to be included in the video.

The song itself is a beautifully written piece, full of soulful vocals and melodic instrumentals reminiscent of blues and soul style rock. The chorus is led by powerful vocals easy to sing along to and the instrumentals make you want to bop your head along to the beat. The male-female duo of the song brings such an emotional feeling that washes over you like a wave. Don't forget the "na na's" that you can't help but sing along to.

I won't spoil too much of the track or video for you as it as an emotional experience all in itself. You can view the video below and find the song on Spotify here.

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