BattleMode Releases Music Video For Debut Single

Brand new to the scene, Boston based indie-electro-pop duo, Battlemode, releases their debut single along with a captivating music video. Made up of two mismatched best friends, Battlemode bonds over their love of chiptune, music made with a Game Boy. Kris and Biff paired up to create a multi genre electronic project composed of a Game Boy, electronic instruments, and acoustic instruments.

Battlemode launched their chiptune adventure in 2021. Midnight Blue is a song about friendship through the reflection of Kris and his Russian Blue cat, Smoki Boi. It was written during a low point when Kris was bedridden due to a leg injury. Having persistent attention and love from his cat, Kris was able to lift his mental health. “Through the years, Smokey Boi has been by my side longer than pretty much any person I know. It only felt right to include him into this expression of love for friendship." Battlemode tries to apply this concept in their human relationships entwining social and personal experience into how one relates to others. “If we thought about what other people have been through, we might have a better understanding of their beliefs or how they became themselves.”

The debut track, 'Midnight Blue', is an upbeat electronic masterpiece that gets you geared up and ready for a rave full of nostalgia, bringing back those memories of playing Gameboy underneath your bed sheets in the middle of the night. Combining both electronic elements as well as acoustic brings a striking new genre of music almost breaks a barrier on what it means to be stuck with one genre.

Battlemode brings an amazing new aspect to the music scene with their approach to music, using Game Boys to create musical magic. In the video, which you can check out here, you see man venturing throughout the wilderness with his furry friend. Soon, the furry friend is replaced by a woman, and the man and woman end up doing all the things that he used to do with his furry friend. After being replaced, our furry friend becomes sad and lonely, but don't worry, everything ends up happy, with a fun surprise at the end of the video. Definitely worth checking out.

You can connect with Battlemode below.




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