Beat Maker Ryan D. Neely Sees Huge Success With Just One Single.

Louisville, Kentucky based beat creator/music producer, Ryan D. Neely released his self-titled album in 2020 during the pandemic, full of amazing beats and hooks. One track that really stood out was "Just Lay Down", an eclectic beat with nearly 23,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Neely is no stranger to successful, intriguing music, releasing 2 albums and a whopping 21 singles and/or EP's, all in 2020. Even with releasing so much content all in one year, that doesn't affect the quality of music that Neely is producing. Each and every track is something to admire.

"Just Lay Down" is an upbeat instrumental full of musical genius. Electronic drums lead the way, backed by a huge mix of variating looped vocals. Only two and half minutes long, this song is short, but jam-packed full of great sounds.

There is also a music video that goes along with Neely's most successful instrumental. The video shows us a couple running through a field, enjoying life and each others presence, all while giving the viewer some interesting visuals, keeping you engaged throughout. I don't want to spoil too much of the video or the song, so you can find that video below.

Ryan D. Neely is truly an inspirational beat maker and he provides us with some great tunes off his self titled album. You can listen to his entire catalog here.

You can also find him on:




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