Ben DeHan Calls Us To Be Heard and Seen With New Single "Waiting For You"

Ben DeHan is an artist with an extremely unique sound, blending sounds from the greats like Blink-182, The 1975, and COIN. In his newest single, 'Waiting For You', Ben brings elements of punk and acoustic that combine for a strong and powerful anthem that entices listeners to sing along and head bang while drawing in so much emotion.

"Waiting For You is a song about watching a train wreck happen in slow motion but not being able to get off." Ben says. "It’s about being with someone you love from the bottom of your heart and knowing they love you back, all while watching them put up walls that push you away... It’s a call to be heard and seen and a longing to come back to love."

Ben's delivery of the lyrics leads listeners on an emotional journey through love, heartache, and the unknown when it comes to relationships. Perhaps this is something we can all relate to. Ben DeHan calls us to be heard and seen with his new yet nostalgic music that takes us back to better times.

With more than a decade of experience, including with former pop-punk band, American Diary, Ben DeHan has done it all, including making an appearance at the 2008 Warped Tour. After releasing such an amazing composition that is 'Waiting For You', I think it is safe to say that Ben Dehan leaves us wanting more. More nostalgia. More emotion. Just.. More. We can't get enough of Ben Dehan.

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