Benjamino Catches The Eyes Of Fans With Enthralling Masterpiece

Benjamino is a soulful singer-songwriter/producer and he is back in 2021 with a brand-new, captivating single. The single, 'Golden Age' is a continuation of the artist’s signature sound, combining his love of modern indie pop with nostalgic soul and funk (our favorite). It pulls focus to Benjamino’s skills as a songwriter and producer as the song builds with dreamy synth pads in the verses and then starts to tear down with a driving, funky rhythm section and crisp horns in the chorus.

The unique lyrics that Benjamino provides are once again on display as he ponders over how the good times can’t last forever. He's even making a reference that only tennis fans will understand. Try to see if you can find it.

In addition to the release of this track, Benjamino will be releasing a music video filmed and directed by Declan Arrighi who did SBS’s The Kebab Man, Johnny Hunter’s Cult Classic. 'The Golden Age' music video features Benjamino dressed as different historical figures, from an Elizabethan Queen to a old film star, competing in a match of tennis. Man this guy loves tennis right? This enthralling video will have eyes glued to the screen as the drama unfolds, providing the perfect visual pairing to the singer’s new enthralling masterpiece.

The funk/soul combination previously mentioned is extremely prominent in 'Golden Age' as the song starts off strong giving us some smooth and colorful saxophone with a groovy drum beat. I feels like you're watching an intro to an early 90's tv show. This song really makes you want to get up and dance as Benjamino soothes us with his light vocals and big band like sound.

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