Big Leap Collective To Host February Music Festival

On The 21st of February, San Fransisco based music blog Big Leap Collective will be hosting an international music festival featuring bands and artists from all over the world. Lead by Big Leap Collective creator Grooblen, the Big Feb Fest, as it's being called, will take place on twitch and feature 26 different artists with headliners like Nelward, Paria, and Foxtales Brigade.

Big Feb Fest is meant to promote and spread love to the worldwide independent music community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival is a free virtual event, however, donations are encouraged and can be made here. 100% of these proceeds go to the performing artists, and every donation gets an exclusive Big Feb Fest 2021 sticker, a mini-poster, and a handwritten thank-you note mailed directly to you.

Big Feb Fest lineup:

Wyve (Pretoria, SA), Don Calya (Johannesburg, SA), Nands (Pretoria, SA), The Last Letter (Johannesburg, SA), Benedict Strumberbatch (New York City, US), Cass & KP (New York City, US), G‚Äčaucho Major (Los Angeles, US), Kalinders (Oakland, US), Thee Great White Shark (Oakland, US), Flangr (Santiago, CL), Kat Van Morgan (Laf

ayette, US), Winnie Wanders (Oakland, US), Spencer Lay (Woodacre, US), Dogs That Bite (Oakland, US), Mae Powell, (Oakland, US) The Genie (jinnwav) (San Francisco, US), Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs (San Francisco, US), Perhapsy (San Francisco, US), Analog Dog (San Francisco, US), Juicebumps (San Francisco, US), Quentel the Cryptid (East Bay, US), The Breathing Room (Berkeley, US), James Wavey (Oakland, US), Foxtails Brigade (Oakland, US), Paria (Oslo, NO), nelward (Georgia, US)

About Big Leap Collective:

Big Leap Collective is a San Francisco based art and music collective dedicated to giving independent artists and musicians a platform to showcase and promote their work in pop-up settings, through social media outreach, and live performance opportunities. Ellie Stokes A.K.A. Grooblen founded the collective in September 2019 as part of an academic thesis project, and has continued to develop it in hopes of becoming a 501c3 someday and establishing it as more of a large-scale organization to benefit independent creatives. Follow Big Leap Collective on Instagram and keep up with their latest projects here!

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