CATALYSTS Paves The Way For New Music With Single "Sylvia"

CATALYSTS was born out of three bands from the South Wales music scene, Kennedy Soundtrack, Panz Agenda, and Under Crimson Skies. Now, combined, they have released a new single titled 'Sylvia'. It represents toxic relationships, but just like the hangover comedown the next morning after a great party, they are not so good for functioning in the real world.

'Sylvia' is one of the first songs that has greatly shaped CATALYSTS’ sound.

Produced by the band and Rob Thomas of Kids in Glass Houses, 'Sylvia' is a great tune for those that want to get up and scream at the world.

With a mix of what seems to be an EDM-like intro that molds into heavy rock and metal, this track has great potential to pave the way for a new type of genre. The blend that 'Sylvia' provides almost builds off of late 90's and early 2000's rock while CATALYSTS becomes a new age Linkin Park.

CATALYSTS have also just released the video for 'Sylvia' which is visually captivating. We see band set up on a beach absolutely jamming out, the our view switches between that and the perspective of a woman going through a string of emotions. You'll definitely want to check this one out and rock out along side the band.

CATALYSTS are ready to tear up the blueprint both through their music and high-octane Live Performances in an explosion of audio/visual creativity.

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