Children of Minerva Release Captivating Debut Album

Recently Children of Minerva, a fantastic group we've covered before, released their long awaited debut album recently with some extra goodies. The project, titled 'Nec Forma Est Verum', features 7 tracks, but you can get two versions of each track, a mono version and a stereo version. The mono version is available everywhere you listen to music, but the stereo version is available exclusively through BandCamp which if you ask me, is a completely and vastly different experience all together. Definitely check out both versions separately if you want to feel like you've gotten two albums in one. Plus, BandCamp is a great way to support artists.

'Nec Forma Est Verum' is an album that sends us back in time and makes you feel like your listening to the Beatles' newest album. Mick Cantone of Children of Minerva has a voice so similar to John Lennon's and the instrumentation is so creative and all over the place and influenced from so many different cultures and genres. 'Christopher Clown', track number 2 off the album, is a perfect representation of this. The song starts off with what sounds like a harpsichord, an instrument that provides such unique sounds. Backing up the harpsichord and vocals is an ensemble of percussion and guitar that feels like a big marching band performance.

As you close your eyes and listen carefully to this album, it feels like you're sitting on a porch on an early spring morning. You sit there peacefully as the sun rises, the birds are chirping and the morning mist slowly lifts from the ground to bring a beautiful day. Tracks like 'In The Shelter of Spring' and 'A Voyage To Enlightenment' are two songs that really make you feel this way. The album opens up with birds chirping, and once you get to 'A Voyage To Enlightenment', the ambient music lets you sit back and relax, and find your center. A perfect song to listen to mid-day to relax and release any bad energy.

Children of Minerva have come crashing to the scene with this beautiful compilation of songs, gathering so much feeling into each track. 'Nec Forma Est Verum' is just the beginning of what can become a fruitful endeavor for Children of Minerva if they keep this up. Check out the album below.

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