Deadweek Creates Their Very Own Brand Of Alternative Pop

Updated: Feb 15

Deadweek recently released their third single "Loving You Is A Sin" and this one is a little different than their first two singles.

Rather than including a full band, this track only features light guitar and slamming piano, but that doesn't mean this song isn't full of energy. Lead vocalist, Zola, takes control and brings power to the tune with his strong voice, belting the heartfelt and intense lyrics through superb songwriting.

Having only this upbeat pop song just wasn't enough for Deadweek though, and they created an accompanying music video to go along with it. Created entirely on a park bench, you see a character approach the bench in hopes of meeting up with a significant other. As time passes and more and more people walk by, disregarding the man, he eventually realizes his loved one is never coming. It is a sad picture to paint but it goes along perfectly with lyrics like "you tried to cut me down" and "I tried to keep you happy but my plate was too full".

Deadweek definitely stepped up their game with this release and you can listen to it, as well as all their other music, via Spotify here.

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