Dear Diary... Melanie A. Davis Releases New Album

Singer-Songwriter Melanie A. Davis, an exceptional artist based out of western Kentucky, recently released her 10th album, "Dear Diary, Do You Hate Me?", an outstanding collection of music guaranteed to impress you and keep you listening.

My personal favorite track off the album, "Guest Room" is an absolutely sublime song about the feelings one witnesses after a breakup. With lines like "The dog days delivered the death of the love I had guarded, a love that I had tried to protect, but with distance departed", you can feel the pain that Melanie A. Davis is trying to portray. Melancholy instrumentals mixed with soft, yet robust vocals and melodies create a song full of imagery and emotion.

Another fantastic tune from "Dear Diary, Do You Hate Me?" is the upbeat "Annie". While it starts off kind of slow and acoustic, that doesn't last long. After just the second line in the song, everything starts to pick up, adding elements of a shaker, followed by an ensemble of percussion. This Tune is definitely one that you should give a listen.

"Dear Diary, Do You Hate Me" is an album full of wonderful tracks, embodying so many different elements of creativity and musicianship. Melanie A. Davis has really outdone herself with this release and set a new standard for singer-songwriters everywhere.

You can listen to the full album here and even view her entire catalog on BandCamp.




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