Fridge Magnet Fantasy Serves Up Pop With A Side Of Revenge.

Fridge Magnet Fantasy is a european band of misfits from all over with its core members being a German singer, a Turkish drummer, a Danish bassist, and a Scottish guitarist.

We took interested in a specific single from their debut album "Fix Me", titled "I Took A Shower".

This track gives off major surfer rock vibes, a unique sound, especially coming from a european band. With beautiful vocals forging a path for groovy guitar and upbeat drums, it feels like maybe you yourself are in one of those showers that they have on beaches with the sun beating down on your face on a warm day.

If you ask FMF however, they'll tell you that they have created their own version of music, which they are calling "Revenge Pop". A catchy name if you ask me.

With captivating lyrics, as well as chipper and intoxicating instrumentals, "I Took A Shower" really makes you want to dance (and maybe sing along as well).. in the shower!

Towards the end of the song, things switch up a little bit, giving us a lively bridge topped off with a baritone ensemble of vocals ended by bringing in a short ballad that slowly ups the tempo all the way until the end of the song, adding a little extra flavor for your musical tastebuds.

"I Took A Shower" is just one of many great songs off of FMF's 2020 5 song EP. This EP, in addition to their most recent single gives FMF an edge over the competition with brilliant song writing. Add to that their very own genre and you've got something special.

You can listen to their music here and visit their website to check out everything they've got in store for us in the future.

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