Gettin' Straight To Business With The Daily Spreadsheets And Their Single 'Flamethrower'

Henrique Neves, better known through his alias, The Daily Spreadsheets, is a forty-something Brazilian frustrated musician releasing his lifelong written tunes since being locked down by the pandemic. Through the sounds of alternative rock and pop punk reminiscent of the 90's, this artist has a lot to say.

The recent single "Flamethrower" from The Daily Spreadsheets adds an element of Funk to this artist's repertoire that we haven't seen before. The energy starts immediately with the falsetto intro and goes right into a driving bass line and upbeat guitar. The verses have a laid back flow that make the song pleasing to listen to. When the chorus comes in, you just can't help but to bob your head back and forth and it makes you wish you already knew the lyrics so you could just sing along already! The soundscape of the production brings all the instruments together in a very satisfying way and the lead guitar is perfectly dialed in to really bring everything together.

A few more of our favorite songs by The Daily Spreadsheets are "I Walk Alone", "I'll Never Change", and their most acclaimed single "Glide" which also has an upbeat feel to it.

Next time you go for a drive, shuffle play The Daily Spreadsheets via Spotify or your preferred streaming platform and just have a good time.

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