Getting Mellow With Winchester 7 & the Runners

Last year, Winchester 7 & the Runners released their third album "Argos Holiday", an album with multipule different sounds and emotions. Songs like "Dirty Laundry" emphasize an energetic yet dreamy and psychedelic sound similar to that of Pink Floyd, while the first track on the album, "When The World Stops Spinning" provides a combination of fast tempo, vocal effects that'll blow your mind, and a driving guitar solo that sounds like it's straight out the 70's.

If you're looking for something to dance to, look no further than their track "In The Morning Light". This instrumentals in this song put you directly on the beach and you just can't help but sway to the beat.

Clearly Winchester 7 & the Runners draw their influence from many different genres and styles and that really shows in this album. It seems that the old classic rock that everyone's dad enjoys is slowly disappearing, but Winchester 7 & the Runners are providing a beam of hope and refusing to let that nostalgic music fade away.

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