Grant Nesmith Releases "Dreams Of The Coast"

On February 5th, Grant Nesmith released his second album called "Dreams Of The Coast" an album with a cosmic American-surf vibe. This album is an instant classic, featuring notable appearances by Sadler Vaden from Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit playing Lead guitar and slide guitar, as well as Gene Elders of George Strait and Lyle Lovett on fiddle. When you're listening to this album, no matter which track you're listening to, it always feels like you are sitting on the beach with a nice cool beverage in your hand without a care in the world. A truly perfect collection of songs for times like these.

The second track, "Kaleidoscope", starts off with an odd collection of abstract sounds, kind of like your typical Beatles song. Once the song gets going, lead by a poppy piano that makes you want to dance, Nesmith comes in with beautifully soft vocals instantly making you feel like you're flying high above the clouds.

The title track of the album, "Dreams Of The Coast" puts you right back in the 60's with lighthearted instrumentals and sick guitar licks, making you wish it was summer time.

"Dreams Of The Coast" and its entire 11 track catalog is truly a masterpiece, with each song placing you in, well, a dream! Every track gives you a little something different each time, grabbing ahold of you and never letting go, keeping your attention through each and every second of each and every song. With intriguing rhythms and melodies, catchy vocals, and extremely talent guest appearances, Grant Nesmith's album is truly one to listen to and share with your friends. Keep an eye out for This artist because he's definitely going somewhere!

You can listen to the album in its entirety here or head over to his Spotify account.


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