Greg Bounce Paints A Fiery Picture With Debut Single

‘Fear That Love’ is Greg Bounce's debut single, which already has seen an honorable amount of success. This catchy tune sets us in a time of environmental armageddon through art pop and euphonic electronica. Built around a temperate groove embellished by smooth flourishes of synth and guitar, Greg Bounce delivers a vocal melody that lingers not only for its sharp lyricism but the delivery of its infectious motif.

The year is 2050 and the characters live in a world ravaged by climate change to the point of burning up. In Basildon, England, there’s a wedding taking place as the couple rushes to tie the knot before the dancefloor melts, the cake combusts, the guests expire and the planet meets its fiery end. Greg Bounce excedes the bold endeavor to tell an incredible love story and warn us of our impending doom all in 4 minutes and 7 seconds. "I wanted to play with the idea that we are f---ing this world, but I wanted to tell it through normal places and normal people. You don’t really hear about them when the lads at the G7 chat about global warming.” he says.

There is a clear connection to the man behind the tale who recently headed to Lisbon for a brief change of scene following the end of a long relationship. After making the Portugese capital his home, he was able to work remotely and far away from a Britain turned sour. Greg Bounce’s new musical project has also been influenced by Lisbon’s easy vibes and fantastic creative scene and as introductions to new beginnings go, the ambient eco-conscious electronica of ‘Fear That Love’ is one powerful opening statement.

You can slow dance, love, and remember to recycle with this tune via Spotify and find more information about the artist on Instagram

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