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Ellie Stokes, also know by her alias "Grooblen", is a indie jazz and rock musician based out of San Francisco, California with an extremely unique sound and an even more unique personality.

On February 4th, she will be releasing a two-part EP featuring the songs "Dinosaur Plant" and "The Spider". Grooblen was recently diagnosed with a rare optic nerve disease and that inspired her to write the write first track on the EP, and about a month later, after she experienced some side effects from being prescribed a trial medication to try and cure the disease, she wrote "The Spider". The songs are meant to represent the ambivalent state that Grooblen was in during this time in her life.

"Dinosaur Plant" provides a suspenseful tone from the dissonance in the guitar mixed with the beautiful, yet sad vocals. The song provides two different point of views, one of what things are like on a sunny day, and one of a day with overcast. When singing about the sunny day, Grooblen talks about listening to happy birds and mother nature, but she wonders, "Are they actually screaming, reaching out for help?". I believe that this track shows the vulnerable side of Grooblen that she was feeling after being diagnosed.

The second track, "The Spider" has a lighter tone to it, opening with guitar and light vocals, but don't be fooled by the light tone, this song is a sad ballad that Grooblen writes to represent the way she felt when she couldn't control things in her life. This song is one that you must listen to in order to fully experience the heartache that it embodies. Luckily the release is only a few days away!

If you want a little extra spiciness from Grooblen, you can buy the EP from her BandCamp for just $1. This gives you unlimited streaming access as well as an exclusive demo that, lets just say makes you feel like you're watching a Quinton Tarantino movie. She also is a community radio DJ from KXSF 102.5 FM based out of San Francisco, doing her own little show called S'morgasbord, streaming on Wednesdays from 4PM-6PM and Sundays from 12PM-2PM. I won't tell you exactly what she does there, you'll have to find that out for yourself.

You can also check out her own website

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