Interview: A Chat With Hip-Hop Artist Harold Andrews

In his new single "This Is Why", Hip Hop Artist Harold Andrews addresses what it's like to be African American in America during this day and age. Many people of color have always struggled in America due to racism and prejudice. For decades, they have been treated unfairly and been abused by people of power. In "This Is Why", Andrews raps about his own personal life growing up over an amazing instrumental underground beat. This song will open up your eyes and encourage you to experience what its like growing up without privilege.

I decided to have a conversion with Andrews regarding his single and what it means to him to be African American in 2020.


FITT: Where are you from?

Andrews: "Paterson New Jersey."

FITT: What inspired you to become and artist?

Andrews: "I've always been a fan of music. Dramatic life situations caused me to want to create my own music and be able to tell my own story."

FITT: Who were your favorite hip hop artists growing up?

Andrews: "Tupac Shakur and DMX"

FITT: What is "This is Why" about and what inspired you to write it?

Andrews: "'This Is Why' is about a prayer to God, telling him all of my life drama and the drama I've seen others of the same race as me go through. I am asking God to remove these bad situations from my life and the lives of others."

FITT: Take us through the process of your lyric writing.

Andrews: "First I create a beat and build off of the emotions I am feeling at that time. Then I write a verse to it and the verse is based off of that same emotion. I talk about things I've been through and things I've seen others go through that relates to the same emotion. Then I come up with a chorus using words that relate to the concept of that emotion. Next I either write a second and third verse or I get others to join me on the track."

FITT: If there was one thing you could tell all those young African American kids aspiring to be artists, what would that be?

Andrews: "To stay independent, don't sign away your publishing to a major label. Read and research more about your true heritage. Read history books that talk about how Africans sold our ancestors into slavery. I would also like young black Americans to go online and research Roman general Titus 70 AD. I want them to learn how their real ancestors wound up as slaves in Africa. I want them to know who they really are and know who their God is. I want them to know why their God allowed their ancestors to be enslaved all over the world and be mistreated and how they must first turn back to their God if they want to be delivered from all the curses that are upon them. I want them to have knowledge of true history and be mentally and spiritually ready to take on the world especially when coming into the music industry as an artist."

Harold Andrews truly is a forced to be reckoned with. With a combination of his writing ability and lyrical flow, mixed with a beat that is sure to get your head bobbing, "This Is Why" may just be the single to push him over the top.

You can watch the accompanying music video for "This Is Why" here.