INTERVIEW: Apollo's Army

Based out of Cedar City, Utah, Apollo's Army is the next Rock N' Roll titan. With their music branching off to every sub-genre under the umbrella of Rock, Apollo's Army is guaranteed to be a positive listening experience for everyone who loves rock music. Hard hitting riffs, thundering drums, booming bass, and lightning vocals combine to create the perfect musical storm.

Having a background in all genres and decades (nearly 14 years) of music, Apollo's Army offers a diverse sound with something for every fan of rock, hard rock, and metal. In April of 2020, Apollo's Army released its first full-length album Welcome To The Army, which is available on all major platforms. Now. after releasing their single, 'Ghosts', the band plans to work on their second album, hopefully coming soon.

'Ghosts' is Apollo's Army's latest track and perfectly embodies the musical storm, bang your head and rock out. The undeniably exquisite combination of emo and hard rock music, with captivating guitar riffs and powerful vocals, paves the way for 'Ghosts' to be a huge success for Apollo's Army. The song has already mustarded up 25k streams on Spotify alone, proving that that what the band is doing is working.

With so much success coming from this one release, we wanted to get together with Apollo's Army and ask them just how they did it, and what that process was like.


FITT: What is it like finally being able to have your music out in the world?

Apollo's Army: It is honestly such an overwhelming feeling. We have been together for so long, when we finally were able to get some music out, it lit a fire under us to keep making more. It's like an addiction. We have so much fun performing and creating music together, it only makes sense to share that energy with the rest of the world.

FITT: Do you guys have a theme or idea for your new music in the future?

Apollo's Army: Recently the entire feel of our music started to change. Our lead guitar player, Brennon, started playing on a seven string guitar last year, and it changed so much of our sound. Riffs just started flowing, and eventually full songs were getting churned out one after another. As far as a theme, we always try to stick to one message: positivity. Apollo's Army has always been about perseverance and sticking together, no matter what adversity may throw at us. We want to convey that through our music and give hope and inspiration to everyone who hears it.

FITT: How did the band come to fruition?

Apollo's Army: The group was initially formed for a high school battle of the bands event, but when the magic was realized, it was determined it needed to become something more. Nearly 13 years later, we are still playing music together.

FITT: Your single, Ghosts, has seen immense success. Did you expect this or did it come as a bit of a surprise?

Apollo's Army: Honestly, it's pretty shocking to us. It's up to almost 25k streams on Spotify, which we still have a hard time comprehending. We are so excited that people like this new sound we've developed, and hope that the fire will keep going.

FITT: With nearly 8,000 monthly listeners, it's safe to say you guys have started your journey to making it big. How does it feel to have music enjoyed by so many people?

Apollo's Army: I'm not really sure there's a word to describe the feeling it gives us. Our goal has never really been to "make it big". More than anything we just want to share our message with anybody who is willing to hear it. If it takes us to super stardom, that's cool. But if it touches somebody and helps change their point of view, that's the real success right there.

FITT: What exactly can we expect from Apollo's Army in the future?

Apollo's Army: In short, A LOT. We have been working pretty relentlessly in the studio to create new music. We're going to be releasing a lot of new music over the next several months, and it will contain entirely new sounds and styles. It's going to be extremely unexpected, and we can't wait to see how people react to it. We'll continue to perform regularly as well, which has been a lot of fun.

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