Interview: Children Of Minerva

Updated: Apr 16

Children of Minerva recently released their debut single titled "In The Shelter of Spring", a chirpy and lively tune that reminds you of some of the Beatles lighter songs. Most of the music is all written and performed by Mick Cantone, while the lyrics for the song are written by Amy Green. This duo has quite the task at hand when writing music due to the fact that Cantone is working out of New York and Green is working clear across the country in Portland, Oregon.

"In The Shelter Of Spring" brings its' inspiration from a variety of genres, including Psychedelic and Baroque, creating an interesting pop-like genre of its' own. Unique rhyme schemes and layering of vocals puts you in a dream like state while you bask in the sun and enjoy the music.

With Children of Minerva being such a unique, bi-coastal group, we just had to interview them and get the run down of exactly what it's like to be them.


FITT: How did Mick and Amy meet?

Mick: Amy and I became friends on Facebook five years ago through a shared passion for cult movies and that friendship developed rapidly.

Amy: Though Mick and I have only been friends since 2016, it felt as if we had known each other all our lives. We had an instant rapport.

FITT: Do you both have experience creating music before becoming Children of Minerva?

Amy: I never had any experience creating music but I always had a passion for writing. Mick had seen some of my writing on Facebook and asked me if I wanted to try my hand at writing some lyrics. Simple as that!

Mick: I was always musically inclined and took up the guitar at the age of 15. In high school and college, I played on a semi-professional level. My main style was folk-rock and I pursued that path up to last year with the release of my debut album "Songs For An Activist"

FITT: What is it like to make music with someone who lives hundreds of miles away?

Mick: Technology today has allowed for our collaboration. Often, I record a rough demo, send it via email to Amy and she writes a draft of lyrics. 98 percent of the time, that first draft of lyrics is what is used for the final song.

Amy: Mick turns me loose to "work my wordsmith magic" as he calls it and hearing the final result is just magical. With some songs, Mick will write the music around some poetry and ideas I send him.

FITT: What inspired you to create Children of Minerva?

Mick: after the release of "Songs For An Activist", I felt that I hit a wall with the folk-rock/Americana sound. As much as I enjoyed it, it was limiting for me. Being an ardent fan of psychedelic and baroque pop/rock, I always wanted to work in that style and upon completing a few demos, I found the style to be the one I function best in.

Amy: Mick just asked me if I was up for collaborating and that was it. Being such good friends makes it even more special.

FITT: Who creates the art for albums, singles, photos, etc.?

Mick: having been, and still am, a practicing artist who teaches and exhibits, the artwork is conceived, with input from Amy, and executed by me. Whenever photos are needed, I turn to my friend Julya Brown, who is a brilliant photographer and another creative contributor.

FITT: What can we expect from Children of Minerva in the future?

Amy: We are still writing more songs and we will keep doing what we are doing. Our 2021 releases will be the best we can make them

Mick: Two more singles will be out, one in June and one in September. Our debut album, "Nec Forma Est Verum" is scheduled for a November release with an eye towards an LP (limited edition) being made available. Amy and I are working on songs for the follow-up album for 2022, which will have more complex arrangements and orchestration.

FITT: Will Children of Minerva ever play live shows together?

Amy: It might be a stretch to perform the songs in a live setting.

Mick: We hope to augment the line-up with at least four more musicians so playing the material in concert will be easier. If not, Children of Minerva will remain a studio collaboration between Amy and I.

Children of Minerva is quite the special project and they already have great music with just their debut release. We can expect more good stuff coming from them soon! For now, you can listen to "In The Shelter Of Spring" here. Also, check them out via their social media links below