Interview: Echo Coast Releases Their Debut EP

The absolutely fantastic artist, Echo Coast just released their debut EP, Fear and Loathing, Vol. 1. Sadly this fear and loathing does not take place in Las Vegas though. Each song on this concept EP has very different tones and subjects ranging all of the place. There’s a folk based sea shanty about human survival (and rum & parakeets, naturally). There's one about metaphorical ghosts who haunt the mind. Another track is a two finger salute to the darker sides of capitalism, media, social media, and human nature. Then there’s a hope filled nursery rhyme to bring things to a close. The EP truly takes elements from all over and brings them together in one great masterpiece. Echo Coast has already blessed us with two singles in 2020 before releasing this EP, and has seen tremendous success, raking in nearly 6,000 monthly listeners, quite the feat for an artist with such a small catalog. That hasn't stopped people from enjoying the excellent music Echo Coast is dishing out to fans across the globe. I recently had an interview with Echo Coast to get the scoop on their short, yet successful career.


FITT: What first got you into music?

Echo Coast: I grew up with music being played from a young age, we would always have music playing at home and I fell in love with 60’s music from the likes of The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and The Doors. I would listen to these and make my own mix tapes and my own versions recording it onto cassette (it was an 80’s thing). As I got older the Brit-pop scene came about which was a very new and exciting scene at the time, growing up near Portsmouth (UK), I could catch the bus (it would take over an hour) into the city and go and see friends' bands and touring bands at the local venues. The passion and excitement of live music inspired me to want to be in a band and write music, and still does to this day.

FITT: What was the creative process like for your first EP?

Echo Coast: Echo Coast evolved at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to do something different with my musical style. This collection of songs were written on an acoustic guitar and came about quite quickly, the narratives and themes of the songs started to take shape and I thought the songs worked well together and a plan was formed. I took the songs to my producer, performed the tracks on the acoustic, we then wrote down the chord sequences and worked through incorporating other instruments and backing vocals, getting an idea on the mood of each track. The EP was recorded over 5 days and was great fun.

FITT: Have you done live shows before or is the EP your first take at a musical career?

Echo Coast: I have been the vocalist in indie bands in the noughties and we could be regularly seen around the south coast music scene of that time, we did record a few tracks and had a good following. Sadly life got in the way but it was a great time, I’ve always enjoyed the creative process of writing music so it’s all for the love.

FITT: Which song from the EP is your favorite?

Echo Coast: I wouldn’t say I have a particular favorite, but each song has distinct moments and I’m really pleased with how it’s all come together. From the layered vocal chants of These Ghosts, the sea shanty style narrative of Fear and Loathing, the chorus on Watch you Burn and the melodic simplicity of Tomorrow is a New Day. I think there’s a lot to enjoy from start to finish, I love the record.

FITT: If you could tell people who are hearing your music for the first time anything, what would that be?

Echo Coast: My Ethos is to write music instinctively, truthfully and with melodies in mind. This EP is quite a personal record and there are deeper meanings hidden within, but I’ll leave that down to the listener to paint their own picture.

FITT: What is next for you?

Echo Coast: I have just picked up a second hand Fender Telecaster and an old amp and I am experimenting with effects pedals. I am planning a Fear and Loathing Vol.2 – though in the meantime I am looking to try something completely different with electric guitars. In short, anything could happen!

FITT: What inspired the album and encouraged you to become a musician?

Echo Coast: During lockdown I found myself in a nostalgic mood and started to listen to a lot of the bands that originally inspired me as well as old songs I had a part in writing. I also absolutely love Americana and country music and admire the storytelling abilities of artists such as Johnny Cash, The Avett Brothers and John Prine. My plan was to try and combine my British indie and 60s influences with an Americana/Country vibe. I wouldn’t call myself a musician as such more a songwriter, I love the creative process of writing a song, the words, melodies and meaning. It’s all about the art form and expression to me.

You can find Echo Coast's new album, Fear and Loathing Vol. 1 here and you can find much more of their content below: