Interview: Firebug Brings Blues Back Into The Spotlight Of American Music

Firebug, a group based out of Joshua Tree, California has recently released their highly anticipated single "Run". A song full of Classic instrumentation, Run takes us back to the days of Blues and Rock n' Roll, back when music was just so much better. Run gives us heavy drums and guitar riffs like it's up there with the likes of Leon Bridges and Led Zeppelin. Even with a chorus as basic as it is, it still builds an immense orchestral peak that carries you away. Just turn this tune on in the car, start rocking out, and run from your troubles.

FireBug have really made a name for themselves. They managed to record the single at the extremely popular Rancho De La Luna and it was all produced by Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss) a legendary producer and musician himself. With his help, Run was sure to be an instant success, proven by being FireBugs' number one song currently.

While it is hard to recreate music as iconic as Blue's, FireBug takes something great and rebirths it, giving Blues new life and new meaning with such a powerful vocal performance. We wanted to interview FireBug and get right down to how they've been so successful and what their recording experience was like.


FITT: How did FireBug come to fruition?

Juliette - FireBug came to fruition in Chicago when I met Jules and we were both looking to either form or join a band.

Jules - Our journey began in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago Juliette and I started to write songs and formed FireBug. We then took our new full line up out to L.A., immersing ourselves in the Eastside music scene. We lived in Silverlake playing shows in and around L.A. as well as hosting our own local music festival called Firelight Festival in our backyard which was just behind the Silverlake Lounge.

FITT: What was it like to record "Run" at such a famous studio, and what was it like to work with a great producer and musician like Chris Goss?

Juliette - We had an awesome experience recording with Chris. He has a great ear, is quick to identify the loose ends that may need a little extra attention, and has an uncanny ability to conjure up ideas on the fly. He is also quite fun to work with. The environment that surrounds Rancho De La Luna is quite awesome, making for a great experience overall.

Jules - We were really fortunate to have Chris as our producer. Chris has so much creative energy as well as being a great musician plus he's the godfather of that desert rock sound (Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss) and let's not forget his own amazing band Masters Of Reality. Chris introduced us to Joshua Tree/Rancho De La Luna and owner Dave Catching, (Eagles Of Death Metal) a super cool dude/rock star and a master chef as well!

FITT: Have you worked with or met any other notable people in the music industry while recording at a place like Rancho De La Luna?

Juliette - We got to meet and hang out with David Catching quite a bit, which was quite awesome. He even cooked dinner for all of us one night. We didn't expect that at all! He's quite the host and cook!

Jules - One day Josh Homme dropped in on our session during a mix down of "Run". Josh called up the Arctic Monkeys and put his cell up to the monitors and said "Check this out!" We all got to hang out for the day with Josh Homme now that's pretty awesome!

FITT: What inspired the song "Run"?

Juliette - Life, living, and the world around us. For me, it was/is about releasing raw emotion in response to difficult times as a mechanism to stay positive while trying to forage a personal path to peace in a turbulent world that is ever changing and often unpredictable.

FITT: Who has Inspired you guys as musicians?

Juliette - This is always one of the most difficult questions for me to answer because there have been so many great musicians that have inspired me throughout my life. At an early age, I was inspired heavily by a lot of 60s/70s era rock and soul, which in turn led to my love of blues music. As a young girl I quickly became a fan of Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones, which led me to a slew of other great artists from the same era such as Cream, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Led Zeppelin, Funkadelic, Aretha Franklin, Prince, David Bowie, Queen and also that New Orleans sound like Dr. John, The Meters and the list goes on and on. I have also been influenced by a lot of 90s/2000s/Current era artists like Soundgarden, QOTSA, BECK ,The Verve, and Mark Lanegan. When it comes to the blues, there are many artists that have inspired me like Johnny Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Howlin' Wolf, R.L. Burnside, Robert Belfour, Koko Taylor, Charlie Love and the Silky Smooth Band. There are more, many more!! Jules - I love so many great musicians! From Miles Davis to Radiohead and beyond! 60's era improv rock bands like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Doors and of course 70's guitarist icons like Jimmy Page, Brian May and David Gilmour. I totally dig the desert rock vibe crashing into other styles like swamp blues etc.(which our song "Run" has been described in other reviews) I really love the blues, especially the greats Johnny Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, WIllie Dixon, etc. Also our time living in New Orleans really exposed me to a whole new universe of music. FITT: What can we all look forward to in the future from the great Firebug? Juliette - More songs and more recordings to be released in the future!! Jules - We very recently recorded and mixed a new record in Joshua Tree at Clocktower Recorders working with engineer Charlie Stavish (Jenny Lewis). It has turned out amazing and we hope to have a new single release over the summer 2021!

With such an elaborate process that went into creating "Run", FireBug have nearly outdone themselves and created an instant hit. You can check out the song here and connect with FireBug below.