INTERVIEW: Fleeting Persuasion And The Meaning Behind 'Passed Through'

Fleeting Persuasion is the latest project of Melbourne-based musician, James Spencer Harrison, who has also released several well-received albums, singles and EPs. The last of which, 'Traced Out' LP was leading James towards a denser and richer full-band sound. That inspired a change of name and Fleeting Persuasion was born. Now James is exploring his creativeness and own personal emotions in songwriting and musicianship with this new project.

'Passed Through' takes the core elements of Fleeting Persuasion's previous release, 'Eternal' and slows the tempo while still heightening the emotional impact of the music. Guitar tones ring out in our ears while accompanying synths and bass tones hold down the melody. James explains their mixing approach as "A tug of war. It's all in the mixing and balancing of this song."

Along with this release, Fleeting Persuasion have provided us with a soothing music video that uses scenes from famed movie, 'Carnival of Souls'. The images provided simply give viewers something to enjoy watching while listening to a song that is simple, yet effective in portraying the emotion that the band was trying to get off.

I have so much more I could talk about, but the interview with James really captures everything and sums it all up. Check it out below.


FITT: What inspired you to become an artist?

FP: A combination of watching my Dad enter Elvis Presley competitions and perform at church banquets, and not succeeding in becoming a teenage champion tennis player.

FITT: The music video for 'Passed Through' uses scenes from 'Carnival of Souls'. What led to you choosing that as your basis for the video?

FP: With the constant lockdowns I wasn't able to make a video that we'd planned for my previous single Eternal, so when we finished 'Passed Through', I felt it had a bit of an old world cinematic feel to it. I was aware of a website where you can source archived movie footage so I scoured through it one Friday night. I nearly gave up until I came across 'Carnival of Souls' so I watched it and instantly felt it was right. Then came hours and hours of editing to match it up with certain parts of the song that fit rather perfectly!

FITT: How long have you been making music?

FP: Since about 16 or 17. Picked up a zoom 4 track and went straight to the bathroom to record. Fell in love with the process of building something up from the ground. I would burn CDR albums and just hand them around.

FITT: What is the meaning behind the lyrics to 'Passed Through'? What inspired them and did anyone help you with the creation of the lyrics or instrumentation?

FP: That's a tough question! The song came about at the end of 2020 and so I just had a whole lot of scattered thoughts after such a weird year. I guess it's pretty much about still being smitten with the city you've lived in all your life. The instrumentation was helped very much by Mr. Josh Whitehead at Crosstown Studios. It was just he and I and we've both been having a go at keys. He laid down some great bass lines too.

FITT: What more can we expect from you in the future?

FP: More dark tunes basically. There's also a whole other album that needs completing from early last year. Amazingly I haven't gotten sick of those songs either after all this time.

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