Interview: MYLO BYBEE And Their Self Titled EP

MYLO BYBEE is a Boise, Idaho band of brothers, two of which, Tyler (lead vocals and guitar) and Wes (bass guitar and backing vocals) Schlagenhauf are actually from the same mother. Formed in November of 2019, along with the sick driving force of drummer Koji Crill, MYLO BYBEE creates a form of upbeat rock/alternative pop that can both get you ready to party, or entice you to get out there and start dancing.

Recently MYLO BYBEE released their first self titled EP which includes three fun songs all with a different feel and message. I wanted to get with the band and ask them a few questions about themselves and the EP.


FITT: Starting with the feel of the EP, there are a few tracks that seem to have a lighter, more gentle feel, and then there are some that have a heavy, upbeat rock groove to them. Is there a common theme to the music on the EP or is it just a collection of some of your favorite tunes?

MYLO BYBEE: "We tend to have a indie rock/pop-alt-rock lo-fi vibe. My writing style is sort of a mash up of genres. I’ll write a song that is very melodic and foot-tapping, and then I’ll write a song that is more gritty and powerful that pulls in bright/fuzzy distortion nodes. It really depends on the mood I am in when I am working on a song. My bandmates and I come from different musical backgrounds and experiences with bands from all different genres which really shines through on this EP."

FITT: What inspired you to write the songs in the EP?

MYLO BYBEE: "I typically pull inspiration from all over the place. Often times things that are happening in my life when I am writing a song, but I also tend to write songs based on experiences that I have not had. I really don’t have a formal “process” when I sit to write a song. I’ll typically hear a melody in my head and then work to re-create it on the guitar to then be followed by the “hook” that the rest of the song builds from. Occasionally that happens in reverse order. This EP in its entirety can really be attributed to the pandemic and the fact that we worked super hard for over a year to write, polish, and write some more, coming to a place where we were happy with the 5 songs you hear on the EP. We really are happy with it and hope others enjoy it as much as we do."

FITT: What is your personal favorite song from the EP?

MYLO BYBEE: "I have a hard time choosing a “favorite” as they all come from a different place and mean different things to me personally. I feel that “The Bricklayer” and “Spit” are the most “sing-a-long” friendly to the listener, but “End of the War” is probably one of our most powerful songs that really has a dark and ominous tone to it that I love."

FITT: Who are your biggest influences when it comes to writing music?

MYLO BYBEE: "I think one of the factors that allows me to write across multiple genres is that I have always listened to bands from all genres. I definitely love to jam out to heavier bands like Thrice or Coheed and Cambria, while also enjoying the indie pop tones of a group such as Hippo Campus. I also have a very strong folk side with influences such as Jim Croce and James Taylor."

FITT: What is it like being in a band with your brother?

MYLO BYBEE: "Not only with my brother, but then also our brother-in-law, it really is a blast because we obviously have a relationship outside of music and I know I am playing with guys I trust and will keep me honest. If something doesn’t sound great, or they don’t like the direction a song that I wrote is going, they let me know, which I appreciate. If you are going to be in a band, who better to be in a band with than your family. It really was a perfect opportunity. All of us play various instruments so the dynamic just fit really well. My brother, Wes, is originally a guitar player and picked up the bass shortly before we started organizing MYLO BYBEE. You can hear in the EP, he wrote some really sweet bass lines and sounds like he’s always been playing it!"

FITT: This is your first EP available for streaming, when can we expect something new?

MYLO BYBEE: "We have a few other things in the works in the near future. Now that we have recorded our first EP, we really want to focus on writing and polishing other songs we currently have in our repertoire, to then hopefully record more in 2021. Our number one goal is to put out quality that we are 100% happy with."

FITT: What kind of advice would you give to other up and coming bands trying to get their names out there?

MYLO BYBEE: "I think the most important thing is to be confident in your sound, really polished, and network with your local community. The local music and art community is always growing, meaning integrating yourself in the music community allows you to quickly meet people and cross paths with supporters that can promote your tunes such as local radio stations, event planners, and venues. Also, remember that music is extremely subjective and not everyone who hears it is going to like it. That leads back to my first point in being confident in your sound, keep writing and building up your following by keeping your band in everyone’s head all the time!"

FITT: What do you do when you AREN'T working on music?

MYLO BYBEE: "When I'm not working on music and writing, pre-quarantine, I really enjoy traveling, camping, and the ocean. My partner, Heidi and I, often travel to a few of our favorite places in Idaho as well as out of state to various places to enjoy the outdoors. Also, like everyone, I am really missing the live music aspect of my daily/weekly hobby list…."