Interview: Samm Musick And His Debut Single

Front-man for Kings Of The Earth, Samm Musick just released a new single in anticipation of his upcoming album. The single is titled "18 Days", A poignant and poetic Americana Rock song serving as an antidote for the heart and soul.

The Nashville icon wrote 18 Days to tell a story about finding hope and strength to move on from the end of a relationship. It's about letting go and finding happiness and the song definitely provides that image, with a chorus that is as catchy as can be and colorful instrumentals providing powerful emotions. Samm Musick opens his heart and mind for all to see and all to relate.

Land Of Dreams, the upcoming album from Samm Musick, celebrates one collective body of work tying together his catchy and dreamy lyricism, with nostalgic storytelling painting a perfect work of art. We wanted to get with Samm and discuss what he has planned for the album and what his process for 18 Days was like.


FITT: Are you excited to be finally doing a solo project?

Samm: Yeah! It’s also nice to not be producing this project. I produce for my band so its been heavenly to let James work his magic while I focus on mostly writing.

FITT: Who are some of your favorite artists who you have worked with in the past?

Samm: It was fun playing with Jade Castrinos from Edward Sharpe. I played bass for her on a tour and there was a lot of energy in the band. Charlie Daniels was a complete saint and very encouraging to me as a young writer/performer.

FITT: What inspired you to start doing your solo career? Did something lead to it or did you just decide to take another step in your career?

Samm: It was the songs. I started writing all these songs that didn’t fit with the band. Venues are still pretty closed down except for smaller acts or solo acts, so I thought, why not just take these songs and make a record?

FITT: What inspired the song "18 Days”?

Samm: A breakup. She was still in that phase of discovering herself. I felt I needed to let her go do that. I loved her. And sometimes love has to be about letting go.

FITT: Who has Inspired you as a musician?

Samm: That’s a tough one. I love music from every genre and every genre has amazing talent. John Mayer is a big inspiration. His arrangements, melodies, story telling, and guitar playing. I don’t think many people understand the genius behind the group Boston. Those records still sound like they were made now. I mean the engineering and genius of Tom Scholz combined with the soaring vocals of Brad Delp. Incredible. And then just Jazz music. All of it. If I go out to listen to music live, that’s where I’m going…to hear Jazz.

FITT: What can we expect from the rest of the album that 18 Days will be included on?

Samm: The full album is called Land Of Dreams. I’m stoked about the songs we have curated for this project. It’s going to have 7 originals and 3 covers. There MIGHT be a Bob Dylan tune on there. I don’t wanna give too much away but I can’t wait to get it finished and out for people to digest and enjoy. There’s actually an IndieGoGo campaign where folks can pre-order a Vinyl signed copy!

If you're interested in this album, which looks extremely promising, you can head on over to the links on Samm's website.

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