Interview: Speak, Memory And Their New EP "Adirondack"

Speak, Memory is an Oklahoma City three-piece band which just recently released their newest EP, "Adirondack". Signed with local record label, Celestory AV, Speak, Memory's new album deals with unrequited love and the feelings surrounding it. Listen to Adirondack and follow it as it takes you on a spiritual journey through reality.

Adirondack is only a three song EP but each song pulls an immense amount of emotions into itself and floods the listeners ears. While there is hardly any vocals in the EP, you can still feel how much pain, heartbreak, and love each track embodies as you embark on the journey that is Adirondack.

Speak, Memory has created such an interesting concept for this EP and you can really hear exactly what they were trying to accomplish. We got with them to get a little more insight on the process of creating Adirondack.


FITT: How did Speak, Memory come to fruition. How long have you been together?

S.M.: Speak, Memory came to fruition through friends reconnecting and wanting to create art together. We got together in 2010/2011 under a different name (Tandaradei, from 2011-2013) and have been rocking it ever since. Some hiccups along the way (which explains the long period between releases), but overall, I’m happy with where we’re at right now and the timing couldn’t be better.

FITT: What other artists have you enjoyed playing with the most? Is there anyone you wish to play alongside one day?

S.M.: Locally, we’ve always had a great time playing with Plain Speak, Foxburrows, Traindodge and Giant Stride. Nationally, we had a great time playing with the likes of TTNG, The Appleseed Cast, A Lot Like Birds, and Greet Death. Jr. Clooney from St Louis is also another one that we had a blast playing with. There’s A TON of bands we wish to play alongside one day. It would be cool to set something up with Husbands, Ben Quad, Cliffdiver or Mad Honey if we’re talking Oklahoma bands. Nationally, oh where to begin.. American Football, HUM, Chon, Explosions In The Sky..

FITT: Tell us about the writing/recording process for "Adirondack". What inspired it? Did you bring any outside influences to the process?

S.M.: The way that we go about the writing process is this; I’ll write something on the guitar first and present it to the other guys, and we just kind of dissect it more if needed. If not, they add their own thing to it. Whatever I present initially isn’t the final version. How we went about the recording process this time around was different compared to when we recorded our first EP, Value To Survival. We tracked everything separately. I would do guitars by myself, drums would do their thing by themselves, and so forth. With the recording process for Adirondack, we decided to play everything live just because it’s faster and we connect so well musically that it’s not like we would screw up at any point if we were to play it live. We ended up getting everything done within one day, whereas with “Value To Survival,” it was a month-long process tracking everything separately. As for outside influences, we gravitated towards a lot of things, both musical and behind the scenes. With a song like "Lakes", we brought our love for fast punk/hardcore music and mixed it with what we do and added a touch of the Police to it to make it this real bonkers sounding tune.

FITT: If you could pick one song from the EP that represents its theme of nature, what song would that be?

S.M.: Probably "Trails". I don’t know why, but it's one of those songs that makes you feel like going for a walk during the Fall/Winter in the woods.

FITT: Former band member, Bartees Strange actually came back and helped you guys with your mixing process. What was that like seeing and working with an old friend again?

S.M. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to physically see each other (him living on the east coast and then the covid situation happening around the same time) but working with him definitely felt nice. It was a shame we never got anything recorded with him when he played in the band, so to have him mix this new EP felt like our chance to have him contribute to Speak, Memory finally, even if behind the scenes. Since we both like the same kind of music, it was easy for me to tell him how we’d like for the mix to sound and he got it super quick. It was great catching up with him and hearing his plans leading up to the release of his album Live Forever. It’s great to see what all he’s been able to accomplish within the last year. Real proud of him.

FITT: What is next for Speak, Memory? Is there anything your fans can look forward to?

S.M.: We’ve actually started writing some new tunes within the last couple of months, so new music for sure! When we’ll go in and record them is a different story, but I promise it won’t be as big of a wait as it was between Value to Survival and Adirondack. We have our vinyl release show on Friday, July 16th at 89th Street with a bunch of our friends (Cicadia, Plain Speak, Giant Stride & Matt Moran) and we’re stoked for that! Other than that, we’ll be playing out around OKC and out of state, so be on the lookout!

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