Introducing: Donovan Funk In All His Glory

Self Proclaimed "Jack of all trades, Master of None", Donovan Funk is brand new to the music scene as an emerging artist. Based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma he aims to reach people far and wide with his slow rock style, using his writing process as a form of therapy. "I really can't determine how I feel about something until I've put pen to paper, and lyrics to melody." he says. Donovan gathers inspiration from the likes of Tom Petty, Kings of Leon, and Tor Miller, both in lyricism and musical expression. Up until now, Donovan has helped others with their musical endeavors, from PR and social media outreach, to sound engineer and album producer for artists like Smokey Motel, Josh Masterson, Deadweek and Christian Pearson.

Donovan Funk is taking over 2021 and has just released his debut single titled "In All My Glory", a song evoking those days where it can be hard to even just get out of bed in the morning. Self produced and recorded in a home studio, In All My Glory combines clean guitar tones and upbeat drums, laying a foundation for edgy vocals.

This is a groovy tune guaranteed to make you get up and dance while simultaneously provoking thought and feelings. The chorus gives us a break from all that dancing and mellows out a bit, but just long enough for you to catch a breath, because it builds right back up and throws you back out there on the dance floor.

Donovan Funk is a force to be reckoned with, bringing new and powerful music full of emotion to the scene. You can catch his debut single out now on Spotify and stay on the lookout for more coming from him soon.




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