Introducing: Norman, Oklahoma Hip-Hop Artist S. Reidy

Updated: Apr 16

Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, S. Reidy is an up and coming hip-hop artist with a brand new EP out. This four track EP titled "I Started Grieving Today" only runs about eight minutes in total, but each track provides a unique experience for the listener to really break down each song and find their own message with each listen.

You can find a mix of emotions in each track with "Pity Party" being a more upbeat, energetic song, while the final track, "The Midnight Gospel Literally Saved My Life" is a much slower song that brings forth more emotion and sentiment. The instrumentals mixed with the exceptional lyrics performed by S. Reidy really put you in the music and engulf you, immersing you in the feelings that S. Reidy is trying to convey.

You can listen to the song "The Midnight Gospel Literally Saved My Life" and watch its music video here.

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