Introducing: OKC's Newest Artist, Systole

Systole is an new artist based out of Oklahoma City, OK who just released their debut single 'You Again'. Joined by another OKC native, Donovan Funk, Systole invites us to join as he begins his new journey in making music. "With Systole anyone can be who they are without judgement." says Systole. His goal is to create music that everyone can relate to and feel enlightened with a new self.

The song 'You Again' showcases Systole's angelic-like voice while seemingly leaving us wanting more in anticipation of what he can achieve vocally. As you listen to the song you become ingulfed in a wave of emotions that Systole guides you through. We don't hear from Donovan Funk until we near the end of the song, but once we do, he crashes through with such subtle vocals that, combined with a driving beat, get your head bobbing. Then, as the song climaxes, Donovan and Systole take us down a vortex, spinning and fading, building like a storm, and just like that violent storm, everything suddenly stops as the song ends.

Systole and his music are made up of so much raw energy and emotion that you are always completely fulfilled and satisfied, yet, you always want more. Like a drug, you can never get enough of what Systole has to offer.

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