Jay Korner Is Back Again!

Jay Korner, an extremely talented and experienced musician, is back again with a debut single for his new solo project. For this track, "We're Back Again", Korner is featured on drums, percussion, and vocals, while being accompanied by co-producer, Alexander Asp on guitars, bass, and keyboard. Who knew just two people could make such an amazing single?!

"We're Back Again" is a song all about getting back on your feet, no matter how hard things get. Jay Korner wanted to get this message across to his listeners; "No matter how difficult things look, if we do our thing right and work together, we can get back on track again". Encouraging words, not just for his listeners but also fellow musicians all across the globe.

This song gives us a Certified Funk feel with a driving bass line, and a chorus that makes you feel like you just gotta groove. Instrumentals fill this track with notes coming from many brass instruments, percussion including congas, and a guitar solo throughout that keeps the song funky.

You can really soak up the meaningful message that Korner is trying to get across through his music and lyrics. just listening to "We're Back Again" puts you in a happy place and washes away all of your negative energy and emotions. It really lets you sit back and enjoy life for a bit.

Jay Korner has many more surprises coming for us in the following months with another single coming in April, so stay on the lookout for that. You can listen to his music on Spotify and find him on social media below.




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