Jrod The Black Pumpkin Releases New Single

Soundcloud artist, Jrod The Black Pumpkin releases a new single "GODSLAYER". The track opens up with a beat that is reminiscent of a late 80's 8-bit videogame, bringing nostalgic feel and when the bass drop hits, Jrod goes in hard with lines like "This ain't your typical flow" and "on a roll... just being honest with you"

Roughly about half way through the song, everything changes. The beat picks up with an ominous tone on top of some heavy drums and Jrod The Black Pumpkin follows suit, speeding up his flawless flow, really proving what he's capable of.

The more you listen to this track, the more it feels like you're listening to some unheard Childish Gambino//Tyler, The Creator mash up. The first half seems like old school "Freaks and Geeks" era Childish Gambino while in the second half, Jrod The Black Pumpkin sounds just like Tyler, The Creator.

This track is definitely one for the ages and puts Jrod The Black Pumpkin on the map in the hip-hop world. You can listen to the track here.



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