Lavara Sees Great Success With 'Sending Signals'

Paris based Bruno Levesque's musical journey began in when he took a break in England and immersed himeself in music culture. Under the name "Lavara" he has taken off releasing a notable discography, that started with the EP "Blue Night Sickness" in 2020. We are taking a look at his latest, 'Sending Signals' which is an electronica inspired indie-pop-folk tune with soft vocals and delicate instrumentals.

"Sending Signals" is a beautifully composed piece with an array of auditory textures ranging the entire frequency spectrum and vocals that lay gingerly atop. We begin with a nostalgic drum loop that announces soft guitar and vocals with a wonderful clarity. Each part of the instrumentation knows exactly where its place is in the mix and never overshadows another piece. The endearing lyrics of this track put us in the mindset of a child-like sense of love and are perfect for reminiscing about summer days spent with a significant someone. Following the first verse, we are introduced to a yearning feeling desiring to help someone we care for which lingers for the remainder of the song. Every bit of Lavara's latest creation has been thoroughly pondered and compliments the message.

You can discover more of this masterful artist on Spotify and follow his story on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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