Memory Milk's Album Takes Us On A Psychedelic Journey

Memory Milk recently released their full length album titled 'Time Told Me'. This album is full of imagery and imagination as it takes us on a beautiful journey. Colorful instrumentals and lyricism pave the way as we ride this musical rollercoaster.

Simplicity is the basis for this album that keeps everything grounded while allowing Memory Milk to showcase what they're capable of. Songs like 'All I Know' drive the album where its going with upbeat drums and mellow guitars while having a catchy chorus. Then you have songs such as 'Grey' that mellow it out even more when we arrive to our dreamy destination.

The band, hailing from Norwalk and La Puente, CA, draw much influence in this album from genres like shoegaze, ambient, and post-punk. Their ambient influence is incorporated into the albums opening track, 'Bedroom Talk'. Listeners can sit back and prepare themselves for the journey as we open with some easy going instrumentals followed by a simple spoken word that lays out the upcoming music.

Memory Milk and their first full length album set a precedent for what is to come from the band as they leave us desiring more. What's next from Memory Milk? Only they know but at least we are left with this beautiful mix of music that is 'Time Told Me'.

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