Panic State Blends Pop and Funk With 'Slush Puppy'

Get ready to groove to Panic State and their pop single 'Slush Puppy', a tune upbeat instrumentals and lively vocals. Panic State is a trio based out of the UK with aspirations to have a tune placed on the FIFA soccer video game, which honestly, who doesn't, right? This new single from them might just be the perfect one so this goes out the makers of FIFA; if you're reading this, 'Slush Puppy' needs to be on the next game! With energetic guitars and a constant beat, this tune is guaranteed to make you feel some positive vibes no matter what mood you were in before turning on this jam.

The vocals are soft yet extremely powerful and anthemic, and the layering of them that occurs in the chorus of the song just push them over the edge. You can't help but belt out and sing along to this summertime anthem.

'Slush Puppy' brings us something that we didn't know we were missing; a combination of current-era pop and 70's funk. This blend of genre's isn't uncommon necessarily, but Panic State just provides a little something extra that pushes them to the next level.

The band is no stranger to success gathering thousands of streams on all kinds of streaming platforms, with 30,000 on Spotify alone. Panic State has also appeared on premier shows like BBC Music Introducing and featured as Band Of The Day in the Moshville Times. No stranger to success, I think we can expect much more from Panic State and I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what they come up with next!

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