Percy And The Prefects Brings Us Magical Rock Music

Meet Percy and the Prefects, Oklahoma City's premiere magical wizard-rock band. With a new live album, "Live at O.W.L. Fest 2021", which just released on BandCamp on April 13th, Percy and the Prefects are trying a unique take at selling their album using a feature called "Pay-What-You-Want". This feature allows fans to pay what ever they wish for this music from a single dollar all the way up to this round of stimulus money, should you chose to. This album is even more unique compared to other live albums because it is made from audio direct from the mixer during the O.W.L. Fest 2021 performance, rather than just being captured from the livestream, allowing the band to actually get it mastered and bring better sound quality to the live album.

Even with the album being a live version, Percy and the Prefects managed to have it come out extremely clear. This effect gives listeners a unique way to experience the bands' music, with studio quality tunes all while giving you the feeling of being right there with them experiencing the music live. There is even a lovely theme that I believe all you Harry Potter fans might enjoy.

This album is full of instrumentation that shows the bands' unique and special talents when it comes to song writing. If you thought you were going to be hearing just another Indie album, think again. The way the instruments all combine together to create a collage of colorful sounds really opens your mind to possibilities when looking for fun new music to listen to and jam out to in the car. The slight metal head in me really enjoys the third track "Never Thought" go give it a listen!

Percy and the Prefects brings a whole new genre of rock music to the scene with their Mystical and Magical song writing, a genre sure to please even J.K. Rowling herself. Take a listen to the album in its' entirety here.

You can follow Percy and the Prefects on social media below and be sure to stay on the lookout for the next magical release!





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