Red Light Challenge Builds Their Brand In Electronic Pop.

Boise’s favorite Hawaiian duo, Red Light Challenge, just released an upbeat, pop-disco song on June 18th, that's guaranteed to get you dancing. The track, “Play Pretend”, is led by a funky bassline and lots of harmonies formed by brothers Sean and Kyle Luster, and has lyrics that the band considers to be a “breakup” with 2020. This is the first time the brothers are releasing a song that they wrote, recorded, and mixed all on their own and the band’s first new song since 2019.

“Play Pretend” marks a new direction for Red Light Challenge’s sound while preserving the brothers’ love for both melodic and instrumental hooks. Red Light Challenge is a high-energy, dance-rock group made up of core members Sean and Kyle Luster. Sean (blue) and Kyle (red), the two curly-haired brothers were born and raised in Hawaii but have been based in Boise, Idaho since 2015. With influences including Charlie Puth, DNCE, Andy Grammer, and Coldplay, Red Light Challenge’s songs are driven by catchy melodies, personal lyrics, and music that has the power to make people dance.

Creativity forges a path for "Play Pretend" to become the next pop hit and leads Red Light Challenge towards superstardom. It's nearly impossible not to get up and start grooving and dancing once you hear Play Pretends' catchy melody and instrumentals burst through the speakers and take you to a tropical paradise.

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