RedSix Releases Great Video For Single 'Yorkie'

Recently, we've received another great tune from Indonesian modern rock/emo group, RedSix. 'Yorkie' is a tune that takes us back to that great late 2000's emo nostalgia that most of us miss so dearly. This tune was released as a way for the RedSix to assess where they want their sound to go and the steps that the band wanted to take moving forward. With amazing sound and captivating instrumentals, 'Yorkie' draws listeners in and holds them tight as they can't help but be in awe of the songs' cohesive structure combined with meaningful, heartfelt lyrics, belting through the speakers.

RedSix gained inspiration for the lyrics behind 'Yorkie' from a plethora of areas, starting from simply an episode of a Netflix show. From there, the lyrics revolved around major commitments and emotional baggage. At first, listeners experience a nice, calm wave of guitars and light vocals, but this just eases us into a build of intense emotion with some quite impressive drums, if you ask me. 'Yorkie' is a tune that really encourages you to sing along and belt out the lyrics and I think it is a song that most listeners can relate to.

'Yorkie" is accompanied by an interestingly thrilling music video and with the help of film company, Etanan Films, this video really draws viewers in and keeps their attention. The music video focuses on a story between a young man and woman, and the man’s journey through the acceptance of what seems to be the loss of his companion. We are taken through multiple scenes of love, loss, and sadness as we see this man struggle with accepting he has lost his loved one, who is trapped in a prism with nothing but the ability to watch as the man suffers. Having the band in the video as well, jamming in prisms of their own is a nice little touch. You can connect with RedSix below.

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