Sam and the Sea Baffles Audiences With Two Singles.

Sam and the Sea are a New York based singer, songwriter, record producer, and visual artist. Their songs are immediately personal and dreamlike, arranged with a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, with a unique breathing vibe. Sam and the Sea developed their musicianship gigging and producing in NYC, eventually releasing their debut single "The Light" in March of 2020. Their most recent release is a double sided single titled "Little Lies/Thinking slow. The intimate feeling production of this project make both songs immediately familiar and welcoming.

"Little Lies" reminds us of a scene in an indie romance film where the protagonist is sitting on public transit with headphones in reminiscing a time where they were happy with their lover. Stacked acoustic and electric guitars carry the introduction of this song and lay a steady foundation for the prominent vocals. The drum and bass patterns bring a sense of urgency that makes you want to bob your head, but continue following the thought process of the message behind the song. An abrupt ending leaves the audience desiring more, which the feeling is resolved by the following song on the project.

"Thinking Slow" pairs perfectly with its counter part by maintaining the intimate production and sense of motion. An added layer is the ethereal choir in the background which really sets the tone for what you're listening to.

You can drive and vibe to this project via Spotify and connect with Sam and the Sea on Instagram, Facebook, or their website.

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