The Gregorio Combines Experimental Pop To Birth Enticing Music

Regő Szabolcs Józsa, maybe better known from his solo project, The Gregorio, is a Hungarian producer and musician based out of Brisbane delivering tunes that blur the line between compelling pop that makes you dance and experimental music. Using a combination of both English and Hungarian lyrics, The Gregorio shapes stories often told from unconventional angles.

A self-described 'Music Gremlin', The Gregorio started producing because of a desire to make music independently, and explore the path of expression that was uncompromising when it came to telling the stories that resonate on a deeper level. 2019 saw the release of his EP 'Binary', an explosion of in-depth storytelling and memorable electronic beats jampacked into 6 captivating, tasty, bite-sized tracks. But we're here for his newest single, 'All That I Need'.

'All That I Need' comes off as a romantic invocation on a first listen, with smooth production and a noteworthy, electronic chorus that still entices those of us who enjoy pop to sing along and jam. Have a closer listen, and it narrates a journey of abandoning religious faith, zeroing in on the internal and existential doubts experienced when questioning life-long held beliefs.

Robotic-like vocals cause listeners to open up their ears and really pick apart the music that they hear. It all comes together beautifully in a cacophony of sounds, which once you find out that The Gregorio has done this all himself, it becomes even more enticing. If you're a fan of AJR or Jon Bellion, then The Gregorio is right for you, possibly even better!

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