The Huneez Build Suspense With New Single 'Nightfall' And A Music Video With A Twist

The Huneez are a three piece indie-pop group based out of Wollongong, Australia with impeccable sound. Early 2021 gave them much success and they released a new single 'Nightfall', but lockdowns related to COVID-19 stopped them in their tracks right as they were winding up to hit the music venues all over in celebration of the songs release. Now they're back and they want the world to know exactly what they can do.

Lead singer, Kaitlin paves the way in this track with powerful vocals that make you feel like you're in a 1920's speakeasy. 'Nightfall' gives us a very stimulating combination of that old 20's music with what seems like swinging jazz-electro piano chord progressions. This catchy tune is easy to enjoy and is just the second release for The Huneez, a very impressive follow up to their first single. Hopefully soon we can expect an entire EP or album from the trio.

'Nightfall' has it rises and falls, sort of like the sun itself when night falls upon us. The tune begins as the sun sets over the horizon an Kaitlin's voice softly pushes through the speakers. Then, suddenly it's night, as the rest of the ensemble smashes in creating a perfect setting for invigorating music and emotions. Finally, as night comes to a close and the sun rises, The Huneez ease us out of the darkness with a calming and soothing melody.

They even provide a beautifully composed music video to accompany the song. The music video gives a visual with a little more eye opening context to what 'Nightfall' could be all about. Jewelry, theft, betrayal, and... Sherlock Holmes? A shocking twist is even given to us towards the end of the video that you might not see coming. You can tell just from the video's comment section that fans are raving about this release from The Huneez and their ability to be so creative.

If you're looking for a song to really get into, break down to, and feel emotions again, then 'Nightfall' is a perfect orchestration of what you are looking for. Definitely keep up with The Huneez because they are out here creating something truly special.

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