The Technicolors See Great Success With Fourth Studio Album

I have a special connection to the up and coming alt rock group, The Technicolors. Late 2019, I went to a Matt Maeson show at the Vanguard in Tulsa, OK and The Technicolors were the opening band. Not having a single clue who they were, I was skeptical at first, but the Arizona native band blasted through those speakers with such power and emotion. I was hooked. I've been listening to them ever since.

After introducing themselves in Phoenix, Arizona in 2012, The Technicolors have made quite the name for themselves using fuzz-fueled guitar riffs and catchy vocals and melodies, seen in tunes like 'Tonight You Are Mine', and 'Space Cadet', while also having some heavy bangers like 'Heavy Leather' (one of my personal favorites).

Now we get their fourth, and long awaited studio album, an LP titled 'Cinema Sublimina'. Try saying that 5 times fast! This 10 track LP is packed full of wonderful songs like 'Super Reflector', 'Howl', and 'Human Form', my three personal favorites. This release is a vessel of feel-good psychedelic rock and indie-rock that perfectly paints the natural beauty and synergy of Arizona’s great and marvelous wonders.

While the LP may not have started out as a concept album, it ended up becoming a story that reflects the dissociation of reality. Tied together, the project’s personal thoughts are a battle between mind and body: Cinema Sublimina is a blurry collage of all the moments in life that feel ‘rigged.’ We never intended to make any kind of concept record but we most definitely ended up with a story arc that, to me, sort of reflects the way things feel when you walk out of a movie theater or a play… as if you just witnessed another dimension flash before your eyes. Also the idea of a ‘concept record’ is sort of funny because growing up I’d mostly see it within progressive rock bands or Rush or something. I think once we realized there was a flow and a common theme happening we sort of leaned into it, maybe because it feels like the way people consume music nowadays is much more single-based.says Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors.

One song off the LP, 'DJ in Brazil', changes up what The Technicolors are so profoundly known for and brings in elements of Brazilian influence. The band enlisted the help of Mateus Asato, a well versed Brazilian guitarist whos Instagram profile has caught the eyes of stars like Bruno Mars and Tori Kelly. The Technicolors wrote this track to compare and contrast the unfamiliar lands of Brazil to those of Arizona desert where the band is from. If you want to keep up with songs that have fun, melodic guitar, then 'Human Form' is another great track off this LP with vibes that make you feel like you're floating through space and time, almost having an out of body experience.

'Cinema Sublimina' is not only an amazing LP, but a complete experience taking you through a circle of emotions and stories that draw you further and further in the more you listen and the deeper you get into the music. I believe this LP holds a new standard for what we can expect from The Technicolors, with such a broad range of sounds from the pop sensation that the track 'Super Reflector' can become, to the mellow, yet powerful anthem that 'Howl' already is. 'Super Reflector' has already become a wildly popular song in the bands' repertoire and with nearly 350,000 monthly listeners, we can only expect The Technicolors to continue rising through the ranks of new age alternative rock.

I personally love The Technicolors and would love the opportunity to see them again in Oklahoma City, and my dream would be to have my brother and I open a show for them! I really recommend everyone listen to their new album and find a song that you really connect with. Even their previous albums have something for just about anyone.

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