TheWomen Keep Us Grooving With Ballad 'Trouble In Paradise'

Two guys going by the name 'TheWomen' and one of their latest singles, 'Trouble In Paradise', keep us in a groove as this heavy ballad gears us up for the release of 'The Machine', TheWomen's newest album. But we're here to talk about 'Trouble In Paradise' itself.

This song, while slow and melodic, rocks hard with a steady beat that is mellow and heavy, sort of like the tune 'Dig A Pony'- a classic from The Beatles. Simple guitar riffs are the basis for powerful vocals, creating a beautiful combination of simplicity and complexity. 'Trouble In Paradise' starts off quiet and soft, but as soon as that chorus hits, everything stays at a climax for a good while.

With 10,000 streams on Spotify alone, 'Trouble In Paradise' has become one of TheWomens' top tracks, using an energetic chorus and powerful instrumentals to keep the audience engaged and drawn to the music.

'Trouble In Paradise' truly is our favorite tune off the album 'The Machine'. It's just too easy to get lost in the music and next thing you know you're bobbing your head and singing along without even realizing it!

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