Western Threads And Cowboys In Montmartre

Western Threads is a brand new, never-before-heard-on-streaming-services, Austin, Texas based indie rock band who just released their debut LP titled Cowboys in Montmartre. Anchored by the husband and wife duo of Jacob Lewis and Ainsley Richter, guitarist/organ player/synth god Michael Sherer and bassist Christopher McBee. With influences ranging from Lee Hazlewood, Gram Parsons, The Velvet Underground, The Vaselines, and Yo La Tengo, Western Threads has such a wide variety of influence melding their unique western-indie sound together to make one cohesive LP.

Cowboys In Montmartre is a ten-track LP full of beautifully written music with pleasing instrumentals and angelic vocals, putting you in a dream like state, especially in the songs "Harvest" and "Last Book Of The Evening".

The title track of the LP, "Cowboy In Montmartre", gives us a little change in feel compared to the rest of the songs, producing upbeat drums, guitar riffs that follow the vocal melody, and alternating vocals between Lewis and Richter. If you're looking for something to bop your head to, and maybe dance a little, this is the song for you.

Each and every song on the LP provides us something new and different and you can really appreciate the song writing throughout every time you give them a listen. If you wish to listen to the LP entirely you can find it here. We recommend putting on the track "Harvest", grab a cold drink, sit back, and relax while Western Threads takes you on an immaculate journey through music.

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