Wotts Keeps Canada Dancing With Beautiful Pop Single "Before".

Canadian hip-hop duo Wotts turn their own identity on its head as they transition into a new groove, forming a special kind of Pop music. Before making this move, Wotts had released five hip-hop projects, many of which scored critical acclaim. Now as the duo transition, we get to experience this change along side them, vibing and dancing along to the beats.

Their new single, 'Before' provides an upbeat groove with nostalgic 80's synth, layered over an electronic drum beat. Combine that with distorted and dreamy vocals, and Wotts gives us a tune that drives you straight to the dance floor.

A certified Musosoup Saucy Banger, 'Before' is just that. You really just can't help but love this tune. It changes the path that Wotts was on with their original music and leads them down a beautifully lit path with a pot of gold at the end of it. It is apparent that Wotts really poured out their heart and soul when writing and recording this track as they leave it all out there as you can see their influenced by Tame Impala and Mac Miller.

'Before' is just the beginning for Wotts as it paves the way for their newest album, COLONIES, which released in late August. The group has decided that they wanted to stay on this path of beautifully written pop tunes and the whole album is centered around that, so be sure to check it out!

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