Yeti... Set... Go!

Local Seattle based rock band Yeti Set Go recently released their debut album in October of 2020 titled Limbic Resonance. The album features nine total tracks including "Summer Comes Today" and an interestingly written "It's Okay" a song about being perfectly okay when left alone. You'll have to listen to the full track to learn Yeti Set go's secret to being okay. Each song on this album brings influence from many different genres all the way from metal to a special version of surfer rock.

Limbic Resonance is a beautifully written album full of unique instrumentation and sardonic lyrics, straying away from your typical rhyme schemes, creating an album full of individuality. With combined elements of classic rock, blues, and jazz, and behind the occasional funny lyric that makes you say "Wait, what did they just say?", Limbic Resonance is an album sure to keep you engaged throughout.

Yeti Set Go is an extremely entertaining band combining so many different elements of musical connotation. They write such serious songs yet can be so funny going about their point in each song. Limbic Resonance takes serious moments and makes them lighthearted and comical, releasing some of the tension that comes with these serious moments. This truly is a unique album that everyone should hear. Be on the look out for more from Yeti Set Go in the future as they are playing an actual live show on February 27th and are sure to release new music soon.

You can stream the album almost anywhere but lets bump up those Spotify streams.

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